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Art / Marke Fahrzeugtype / ModellSortiericon Serie (KW/PS) Serie NM Chip (KW/PS) Chip NM TÜV Chip-Typ
YANMAR BOOTE 3JH40-CR 1.64cm³ 29/40 36/49 V-CR
YANMAR BOOTE 4BY2-150 2.0cm³ 110/150 125/170 V-CR
YANMAR BOOTE 4BY2-180 2.0cm³ 132/180 147/200 V-CR
YANMAR BOOTE 4JH110-CR 2.0cm³ 81/110 96/130 V-CR
YANMAR BOOTE 4JH45-CR 2.2cm³ 33/44 40/54 V-CR
YANMAR BOOTE 4JH57-CR 2.2cm³ 42/57 50/68 V-CR
YANMAR BOOTE 4JH80-CR 2.0cm³ 59/80 69/94 V-CR
YANMAR BOOTE 4TNV98T-CR 3.3cm³ 54/74 66/90 V-CR
YANMAR BOOTE 6BY2-220 3.0cm³ 162/220 180/245 V-CR
YANMAR BOOTE 6BY2-260 3.0cm³ 191/260 209/285 V-CR